New Coronavirus COVID-19 Training

Normally I just put out my blog postings and let those who want to read them, read them.  But for this blog, I am directly asking upfront for you to like it, share it, and pass it on because this is important information people need right now. Yesterday I was able to participate in some specialized Energy Kinesiology training for coronavirus.  About 50 of us from […]

What’s With My Feet?

Today’s blog has to do with a new client who’s had it pretty crummy…in her own words: “I have been experiencing chronic foot pain for over ten years. Pain is like an internal swelling, unable to bend toes, tingling and in the earlier days foot burning. Also, in the earlier days of discomfort it was like […]

My clock is winding down

  Today’s blog is going to be written by me, and the actual client.  I asked her to do this because her experience was quite remarkable.  In her words: “When I first started seeing Doug, I had just finished caring for my elderly parents for 7 years. I was exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally. He […]

Energy Kinesiology Training on Electromagnetic Radiation

  Today’s advanced Energy Kinesiology training has to do with Electromagnetic Radiation, and how it affects our bodies.  Electromagnetic radiation refers to the waves of the electromagnetic field, propagating through space, carrying electromagnetic radiant energy.  We focused on the entire range of frequencies, starting at Extremely Low Frequencies (ELF) of 3Hz, all the way up […]

Energy Kinesiology Training on Alzheimer’s Disease

  Today’s advanced Energy Kinesiology training has to do with Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work with reversing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  His view is that what we call AD is the result of 6 possible metabolic syndromes.  Their experience has been that many with AD have been able to recover from it.  My training was on the […]

I’d like to enjoy sweets instead of gorge myself on them

  Another client wanting help with her sweets addiction.  Excellent exercise patterns, good nutritious meals, veggies and fruits, the right quantities, but …chocolate, oh sweet chocolate.  Let me count the ways I can shove it in my mouth. She didn’t want to cut it out of her life all together, which is great.   She just […]

Seems the thing fighting my healthy eating was actually…me?

    I have a client that was significantly overweight thirty years ago. Starvation, brute force, pre-made structured meals, hypnosis – nothing seemed to help her be able to take off the weight. Ultimately, she had elective stomach bypass surgery to help her with it, and it did take off the weight. Unfortunately, it did […]

Jalapeno-induced blindness?

  I often say that Energy Kinesiology can be used to address just about any issue – and in my time, I’ve run some across interesting things clients want help with.  Makes for some of the fun.  But today, I came upon a new one even for me.  A client of mine was making a […]

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