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Doug Akerman loves teaching, and is one of the best and most diversely trained Energy Kinesiology instructors in the country.  In fact, he is the only individual in the world approved to teach all of the modalities he teaches!


Hosting or Attending?

Hosting a class means you are in charge of setting it up.  That involves gathering enough students for a class to occur and coordinating class logistics.  Its a great way to get the class at a discounted cost, or possibly even for free.

Attending a class means you want just want to sign up as a student.  Show up with a pen and open mind so that you can learn the energetic models, theories, and techniques necessary to make you an effective practitioner.

We are happy to help you with both of these needs, and have two options for you to consider.

“ One of the best teachers I have met and I have been in education for 20+ years. The way Doug teaches to the entire class, yet reflectively listens to the individual’s question, addresses it and proceeds concisely and succinctly, yet thoroughly is amazing.  Doug is very competent and gifted as a teacher. ”

“ Extremely knowledgeable. He did a stellar job explaining difficult concepts with visuals and analogies.  Doug is also very thoughtful and thorough in responding to questions. ”

“ Polite, efficient, and an excellent instructor. His depth of knowledge is unparalleled, but more importantly his ability to communicate difficult information to beginners is superb. ”

“ Having a sense of humor. ”

“ Patient in the student’s learning process. ”

Structured Learning Through Meridian360

Doug is the director of Meridian360 - a national organization designed to

  • Educate the community about Energy Kinesiology
  • Enable the practitioner through quality, timely, and easily available training and mentoring
  • Expand the profession so all can benefit from its service

Through Meridian360, you have the ability to obtain consistent, structured training whether you are brand new or already and expert.  We recommend this as the optimal way to develop your Energy Kinesiology skills, and encourage you to learn more about Meridian360 directly.


Individual Classes Per Specific Request

For those that are not interested in affiliating with Meridian360, Doug also teaches specific classes per request.  There are many classes that can be taught this way, spanning introductory to advanced material.  Some examples include:

  • Empowerlife Chakra Touch - The Basics
  • Empowerlife Chakra Touch 2
  • Empowerlife Elements and Meridians
  • Neuroenergetic Kinesiology Principles of Kinesiology 1-4
  • Stress Indicator Point System 1
  • Stress Indicator Point System 2
  • Stress Indicator Point System 3
  • Stress Indicator Point System 4
  • Stress Indicator Point System BAP

For a full list of available classes and their descriptions, please review the options available through the Meridian360 Curriculum.

Ready To Discuss Your Teaching Needs?

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