Specific Issues

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So, you have a difficult challenge in your life that is bothering you, and you want to change?

Something specific you don’t like and want to be different?

Something you want to become, or improve?

These are the sentiments of many of our clients who contact us to help them with a specific issue or goal.  With the advanced Energy Kinesiology techniques at Meridian180, you have the ability to define a very concrete precise goal and release the specific stresses and energetic compensations associated with it that are trapped in your body.

Most goals relate to one of the following aspects of life:

• physical
• mental
• emotional
• spiritual
• professional
• relational

" I went because my left shoulder had been bothering me for a year.  My shoulder would grind and feel uncomfortable every time I lifted my arm.  After my visit, I immediately had more movement, and my shoulder did not grind when I moved my arm side to side. The problem has been resolved from the inside. My shoulder has not bothered me since then. It has now been almost a year. "

Learn what previous clients at Meridan180 have gotten help with.

Goals can relate to just about any topic, because we can experience and hold stress relative to just about anything.  So imagine the Disney song “It’s a Small World After All” gets stuck in your head.  Where else can you seek help with something strange like that?


Our Expectations

Meridian180 expects that within 1-2 sessions you will experience significant and permanent energetic changes.  In most cases, the body then initiates some serious self-healing, and most people see their lives change quickly.  That’s our belief, based on all the previous work we’ve done with clients, and we hold to it until you prove it otherwise.

However…we don’t guarantee results.  We won't promise you any results or outcome about what will happen if we work together.  Because we are each unique, ten people can have the same situation (be it head discomfort, long-term sadness, blood sugar issues, fears, sleep disruptions, body discomfort, desire to eat dirt, inability to emotionally open up, etc) for completely different reasons.  For some people, they find their body self- initiates change in their lives after one session; others find they need to work longer and harder for one of many possible reasons.  It is not possible to "predict" how many sessions are needed.  But most people feel steps along that path after every session.


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