Session Times and Costs

​Session Availability

We generally have sessions starting at the following times:

Monday:  8:30-9:45; 10:00-11:15; 11:45-1:00; 1:30-2:45; 3:15-4:30
Tuesday:  9-10:15; 10:40-11:55; 12:40-1:55, 2:20-3:35; 4:00-5:15
Wednesday: 9:30-10:45; 11:10-12:25; 1:10-2:25; 2:50-4:05; 4:30-5:45
Thursday: 9-10:15; 10:40-11:55; 12:40-1:55, 2:20-3:35; 4:00-5:15
Friday: 8:30-9:45; 10:00-11:15; 11:45-1:00; 1:30-2:45; 3:00-4:15

" I have had 2 shoulder surgeries and my right shoulder was hurting again to the point I felt like I was going to have to be evaluated to get surgery again.  Before I even left my shoulder had its flexibility back as well as I could lift my arm above my head without discomfort. "

Contact us if your schedule does not support this and additional times may be arranged under special circumstance.  Remote sessions are also available for out-of-the-area clients.  Please contact us to schedule appointment.



All sessions are $155.  New sessions last one hour and 30 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are one hour and 15 minutes.  Sessions that run long are billed at $125/ hour in 15 min increments.  If your body indicates the need to stop during the session, you have the following options: only pay for the time used, work on unrelated issues, or credit the remaining time to future appointments.  Payment in cash, personal check, or Business Zelle is expected at the time of service unless arranged in advance. No credit cards accepted.  A $30 fee applies for returned checks or insufficient funds. Clients must cancel appointments before 9am the day before their session or be responsible for a $50.00 appointment cancellation charge.



No insurance is accepted.


Flexible Spending and Health Saving Accounts

Because our services are not considered medical, they are generally not eligible for reimbursement to your HSA and FSA accounts.  However, we have had clients whose medical doctors felt our services would be beneficial, and chose to write a prescription for their patients to see us.  Because of that, their expenses for our services were HSA and FSA eligible.  So, long story short, talk to your doctor for his/her approval if you wish to claim our expenses.​

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