What To Expect In A Session


The following describes what you will find in most Energy Kinesiology sessions, which are 1.25 hours long.

Before the Session

  • You will be asked to fill out some paperwork.  This includes your name, contact info, background, acknowledgement of business practices, and consent to the services.
  • You will be asked to lie on a massage table, fully clothed, shoes off, face up.  If you can not do that, we will make arrangements to accommodate you.


During the Beginning of the Session

  • We will explain what we do, how muscle monitoring works, and  what will happen through the session.
  • You will be asked questions about your issue, and what you want instead, in an interactive dialogue.
  • You may need to actually do things related to the issue
    • move, bend, twist, or stretch to activate discomfort
    • perform the actions involved (jump, throw a ball, read, sing, stand with your eyes closed, pretend to talk to someone, etc)
    • think about a situation, memory, event, person

" Left knee discomfort. I couldn’t bend my knee into a squatting position.  Now the flexibility of my knee is definitely improved.  I would say I have 95% use.  No surgery for me!  Doug is very knowledgeable.  He is also very kind and caring. " 

Throughout the Session

  • The practitioner will continually muscle monitor you throughout the entire session so your body can reveal stresses and provide guidance on exactly what needs to happen.  Most people can feel the different responses muscles give during the work and recognize the changes that take place.
  • The practitioner will be directed by the feedback your body shows throughout the session.  This may lead to questions about your current or past
    • feelings
    • thoughts
    • emotions
    • life history and events that have happened to you
  • The practitioner will lightly touch acupoints or other areas all over your body.  Any points in sensitive areas will be touched by you.
  • The practitioner will share with you what they find as they are progressing through the session.
  • You may discover patterns in your life, or discover insights and wisdom about yourself.
  • The practitioner may use colored light, colored cloth, or tuning forks on or next to your body to release stresses.
  • Clients may experience different sensations during the session
    • feeling hot or cold in certain spots or all over
    • feeling aches or pains that randomly appear, then move around or disappear
    • feeling a tingling, hum, trickle, or other subtle energy movements flowing through them
    • pressure in their abdomen, chest, or head
    • really gurgly belly
    • muscle tension and spasms
    • emotions welling up from within
    • old memories that suddenly appear


After the Session

  • Most clients find after a session they feel much better.  Their issue changes as their body activates its natural healing capabilities.
  • Many clients report experiencing other unexpected positive changes as well.
  • Many clients find their sleep much improved, and report having vivid dreams.
  • Most clients report feeling energized but some share they feel fatigue as if their body is doing a lot of work.
  • Some clients report having short-term unpleasant experiences as their body releases physical, emotional, or mental stresses.

" I used to drink way too much alcohol.  Now I only drink small sips. "

The Practitioner Will Not

  • touch you in any way you deem inappropriate.
  • make you answer any questions you do not want to answer.
  • tell you what you should do.
  • prescribe any action, medication, supplement, or diagnosis any condition unless they are licensed to do so some other way.

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