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Below are many questions we have been asked over time.  Please search for answers to your questions, and if it’s not there, by all means, contact us and ask!  We’ll give you an answer to your question, and chances are you will shortly thereafter find a new entry below.



How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact us and ask.

Do I have to talk about my emotions?

Emotions are very powerful, and have a huge effect on us.  Emotional stuff usually comes up in most sessions, and most clients find that talking about their emotions and body sensations to be a huge benefit to the work.  But you do not have to.  There are many times emotions are so buried people cannot sense them.  Other times clients are not comfortable discussing them, and in those cases, the body can be supported to move energy without the need to delve in to them out loud.

Do I have to answer questions I may find embarrassing or uncomfortable?

If a person is willing to do so, stress and compensations can often be accessed faster, and assistance can be provided to help them make conscious connections and realizations more easily.  But a person can also just lie on the table and mull things in their own head without saying anything out loud.  The body will respond to their thoughts, automatically bringing up relevant stresses that need to be addressed, while preserving their privacy.

Do you work with remote clients?

We prefer to work with clients hands-on in the studio as it often helps them connect to the work and ensures the physical touch aspects occur, but we often work with remote clients with equal results.  Common examples when this is appropriate are when clients live far away (out of state, out of country), are hospitable bound, in too much pain to travel, experience agoraphobia, etc.

Is insurance accepted?

No, because our services are not considered medical.

Do you use needles?

Nope.  This is a needle-free zone.

Can services be applied to my HSA/FSA account?

Possibly.  It depends on what brought you to us.  If your chiropractor or DO wrote you a prescription to have stress reducing sessions, then you may be able to submit receipts for our work to your HSA or FSA.  Consult with your medical professional and HSA/FSA provider for more information.

What age clients do you work with?

Any.  We've worked on 30 minute old newborns to the very elderly.

Can I be too sick to have a session?

Perhaps, but it may not be based on what you perceive as being “too sick”.  We have worked with chemo patients who spent the entire time standing and coughing/throwing up into a garbage can while we worked.  Other people may appear fine, but their body is dealing with some major stuff inside and it is not appropriate to have a session.  Contact us and we can discuss your specific situation to determine an answer to this.

Do you guarantee results?

No.  And no one can.  We won't promise you any results or outcome about what will happen if we work together.  Because we are all unique, ten people can have the same situation (be it head discomfort, long-term sadness, blood sugar issues, fears, sleep disruptions, body discomfort, impulses to eat dirt, inability to emotionally open up, etc) for completely different reasons.  For some people, they find their body self- initiates changes in their lives after one session; others find they need to work longer and harder for one of many possible reasons.  It is not possible to "predict" how many sessions are needed.  But most people feel steps along that path after every session.

Should I stop seeing my doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, naturopath?

Absolutely not.  What we do does not obviate your relationship with, diagnosis from, or in any way trump your medical doctor.  What we do is separate from that, and not medical.  We just find stresses associated with things and help you release those.  As that occurs, you may naturally find that the issues you and your medical professionals are working on evolve - leading you and your doctor to reexamine how you are dealing with them from a therapeutic or medicinal approach.  Many people experience that things they are doing with their doctor-of-choice begin to work better, have fewer side-affects, or require less effort and time.

Does it work if I think it’s a bunch of hoopla?

We believe so, and we have a number of people we have worked with who have come to agree.  We have had many who have shown up agnostic or even skeptical at first, but afterwards have acknowledged it did something.  Often what we hear is "I don't get it, but..." or "I don't know how, but ....".  And then they go off and their lives are different.  We’ve also had people who absolutely affirm it did nothing while their family standing in the room behind them mouth the word “HUGE” and spread their arms as wide as possible.  But if you feel this isn't your route, we wish you well on finding what works best for you.

Do the changes happen immediately?

It varies.  Some people feel the change immediately on the massage table, or when they stand up right afterwards.  Other times, people sense nothing different immediately.  But then when they stop and take a look at themselves and their situation a few days or weeks later, they are surprised at the difference.  That is partly why at the beginning of each session you rank the impact and severity of the issue so we can compare them later.  Occasionally, people who believe nothing has changed are really surprised at what they ranked it earlier.  That's a good sign in our book something's working.

Do you need to know all about my medical history, or see charts and tests?

Usually not.  A basic principle in this work is that the body guides us to the stresses in order of importance and safety.  There are times that having insights from the medical community may be beneficial.  We will let you know if/when that is the case.  Examples might be having a brain scan after a stroke, blood work with respect to toxins, etc.  In these cases, it simple serves as another way the body can access specific stresses relative to you, and gives us good insight into where to focus our efforts.

Is this just helping me "feel good" or a "quick fix"?

Neither.  This is not simply a way to temporarily deal with something, or provide relief from your problems.  It's not like a footrub which may feel good at the moment, but has no lasting impact.  What we do targets the underlying energetic compensations associated with the things that concern you, and helps you to let them go.  Not by getting rid of the stresses (such as making your boss disappear or muting whining children), but instead by helping you change you so you are no longer activated by these things.  The intent of the work is to help you permanently shift yourself so that your response to those stressors are no more.

Can you work with animals?

Yes.  Typically cats, dogs, and horses.  These are usually addressed remotely with great success.  Contact us for more information please.

What do you not do?

We are not doctors, and therefore do not prescribe drugs, pills, or medications.  We will not recommend nutritional products or supplements, nor do we use needles or do anything invasive.  We do not serve as a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other trained mental health professional and do not engage in verbal therapy.  We also do not do any chiropractic adjustments.

What happens after a session?

You get up and go home.  Some people experience changes during the session that they immediately recognize.  These may be feelings of capability, physical changes in the body, discomfort going away, emotional releases, etc.  Others feel nothing, possibly because the issue we are working with doesn't equate to that, they have many layers to work through, or the changes are too subtle for them to recognize right then.  After people leave a session, they experience what we call "processing".  This is when the body-spirit-mind begins to make sense of everything that was done during the session.  Typically, this is done subconsciously, and much of it is done during sleep.  We strongly recommend a good night’s sleep after a session.  You may have some seriously weird dreams.  That's normal.  Processing can last days, weeks, months or more.  It all depends on the person.  Sometimes people do not feel like much has happened after a session.  Give it a week and re-evaluate where you are at and you may be surprised at what you find.  Sometimes people comment that they don't sense much of a change, but their family and friends recognize a huge difference after a week.

Also, many people report to us that it was very important for them to drink plenty of water afterwards as they felt dehydrated.

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