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Regardless of which of our service offerings you choose, every client session has the same basic structure.  We start by clearly defining the session goal for each individual session.  We then systematically identify the specific stresses and energetic compensations related to it, and release those stresses and compensations so the body can heal itself.  For more information about how this occurs, please read more about Energy Kinesiology.

During a session, you lie on a massage table on your back, fully clothed, shoes off.  Occasionally, we might do some standing work depending on the session.  If you are unable to get on the table or are not comfortable doing so, we can make accommodations.  For the majority of our time together, you are either having a muscle monitored as we check for different stresses and energetic compensations, or are performing one of the many possible stress release techniques.

Our four service offerings are listed below.

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Specific Issue

Sometimes clients have an exact issue or goal that they want to address.  This is most often a significant issue in their life that they are struggling to deal with.   Because of how Energy Kinesiology works, it is possible to specifically target the unique stresses and energetic compensations associated with that goal.  This allows a person to consciously choose what differences they want in their lives.

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Wellness Program

A balanced and stable foundation is important for our proper functioning and well-being.  Many people find that once basic foundational issues are balanced, significant changes occur in their lives and many of their issues resolve as the body is able to self-heal and function more fully.  This both increases their quality of life, and allows them to target the few specific issues that remain afterwards.  To this end, we have developed a basic wellness program for those clients who wish to take a more long-term holistic approach to their wellness.  The program consists of 6 sessions addressing important foundational issues applicable to all, and 1-2 additional sessions addressing major stressful events specific to each person.

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Client Services
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Learning Enhancement

This comprehensive service is focused on assessing and helping people with learning challenges including dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, and other learning difficulties involving reading, spelling, mathematics, comprehension, memory recall, and other academic struggles.  The intent is to systematically destress and harmonize the many neurological components involved in higher learning so that brain integration and coordination occurs optimally and with appropriate synchronicity.  Once completed, the body unlocks its true potential and learning and academic pursuits usually occur more easily.

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Primitive Reflex Integration

Primitive reflexes develop early in the womb, and are an essential component of our life-long success.  They serve us from the moment of birth to the moment of death, in ways that very few of us fully comprehend.  When working, most people don't even know they have them; when not working, most people have delayed developmental milestones or a quality of life that seems inexplicably and consistently "off." This service offering provides a comprehensive observation of many reflexes, and assistance in releasing stress and energetic compensations relative to them.  This is particularly important when people are living with very advanced and difficult conditions.

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