Energetic Compensations

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What Are Energetic Compensations?

Energy moves in the body – it has to.  That is what it does.

The way it moves, where it moves, and how it moves are crucial in our overall energetic health.  As events happen in our lives, our energetic responses affect how that energy is able to move.  At some level, the stresses we experience result in us changing the way energy can flow in our bodies.  It happens without our conscious knowledge, but it does happen, and often to “protect” us from the things in life we view as challenges, as dangerous, or as unsafe.  We build energetic compensations in our bodies to keep that energy moving.  This is part of the miracle of the human body – that it can adapt to just about anything and keep going.  Understand that physical compensations (like a kink in our back), the sensations in our bodies (my guts are all tied up), emotions we feel (I am consistently down), and persistent thoughts we maintain (I’m so stupid, I can’t do it…) come way after these energetic compensations.

Effects Over Time

The energetic compensations we build in our bodies help us in the moment.  But then we need more compensations to support those we just made, and more to support those we just made for those before them.  All this, to keep moving energy so we can be.

These red dots represent our energetic responses to things that happen to us and the energetic compensations we make in response to them. Most people are not aware of these because they are so subtle.

Compensations 5

And as more challenging life events occur, we create more and more energetic compensations…

Compensations 2

Add more challenging life events, and more energetic compensations to keep going….

Compensations 3

When There Are Too Many Energetic Compensations

Then one day ‘it” happens. “It” can be anything.  “It” is whatever you are now aware of…

  • difficulty sleeping
  • finding it harder to choose healthy foods in appropriate quantities
  • racing thoughts
  • an internal sense of unease
  • feeling like your body wants to burst
  • struggling to “maintain your cool”
  • wondering if you get sick more than usual
  • straining to speak your thoughts and feelings
  • feeling like you are constantly scraping through the day without enough ‘umph’


How Energy Kinesiology Helps

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to sort through all our energetic compensations and figure out exactly which stresses and compensations inside us are connected with “it”?

Maybe for him, this is his difficult sleeping:

Compensations 4

Maybe for her, this is her decision to keep eating:

Compensations 5

This is what Meridian180 does.  We help a person identify and release the specific stresses and energetic compensations that are associated with their “it”.

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