About Energy Kinesiology

What is Energy Kinesiology?

Energy Kinesiology is an alternative health and wellness modality. It identifies, unravels, and clears energetic imbalances within a person. These energetic changes allow the body’s own healing process to create changes at the physical level.
People value Energy Kinesiology in different ways:  Some appreciate its ability to help muscles do their jobs and optimize body performance.  Others see it as a way to achieve personal change and transformation within. Either way, Energy Kinesiology accomplishes in hours what may otherwise take months, years, or a lifetime.
Energy Kinesiology can help with your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns. It allows you to identify and release the specific stresses connected to your personal goals. And eliminate the costly energetic compensations you’ve created because of them.
All this in a non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-invasive way. Pretty cool, eh?

How It Works

This is critical because it defines the stresses and energetic compensations involved with what you want to change.  It also makes sure we include any stresses that may exist with where you are trying to end up (this happens more than you may imagine).

Goals can include what you:

  • don’t like about yourself
  • want to change or become

Goals can relate to anything:

  • physical
  • mental
  • emotional
  • spiritual
  • professional
  • relational

For examples of real issues and goals of previous clients, check out What Problems Can Energy Kinesiology Help Me With?.

Energy Kinesiologists uses Muscle Monitoring as a biofeedback tool so your body can “speak” to us, showing us what stresses are important to address.  It ensures your session is effective, performed in the optimal order, and done safely and gently for you.

Energy Kinesiology also incorporates Formatting so we can “speak” to your body.  This enables us to access stresses that cannot be reached any other way.

​Energy Kinesiologists uses gentle touch and other specialized techniques to release the stress and energetic compensations identified by Muscle Monitoring.

Once the body has released the stresses and energetic compensations it was previously holding onto, it establishes a balanced energetic state that supports you.  Usually this energetic change

  • is significant
  • tends to be permanent
  • occurs in 1-2 sessions


Afterwards, your body’s natural healing ability may

  • resolve the issue, or
  • optimize your quality of life around that issue

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