Release Techniques

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There are many different techniques that can be used to release stress or support the body.  These can also be used to stabilize work that has already been done and energetic shifts that have occurred.  

Determining Which Technique to Use

Muscle monitoring is the best way to determine which release technique is appropriate.  It allows the body to identify the safest, gentlest, and most effective method possible

Effects of Using the Wrong One

This is critical as applying other techniques, may result in no lasting benefit even though they “feel good”.  It also is a matter of safety as using the wrong technique may actually intensify an imbalance. This can drive the imbalance deeper into a person where it can become harder to access.

" Immediately after the session I feel more balanced and at peace. "

" The discomfort mostly dissipated by end of visit, continued to improve over following few days, completely gone within the week and has not returned to this day. "

" I could feel a rush of energy at times as well as feelings of confusion during our work. When I went home I experienced restlessness and thirst and in the days following I felt more at peace. "

" The session was relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time, all the while I felt a spectrum of emotions course through my body. "

" Going through the work you can feel the physical component of it. I could feel the tightness in my throat, chest & abdomen. As he worked, I could feel the tightness dissipate. When he used the chimes, I could feel their vibration in my leg where I held discomfort. This work brings awareness to your body. "


Release Techniques

Acupoints exist all over the body, located at the place of least electrodermal resistance where a meridian surfaces from the body.  Each point is unique in function and character.  All of them can be used to affect energy flow in the body.  Depending on what change the client’s body wants, different combinations of them can be used to induce an effect.  Different energetic systems can also be affected depending on what a practitioner knows.

Release Techniques

Physical touch is very powerful.  In and of itself, it can trigger a response in the body that can be beneficial by affecting energy flow throughout the body or facilitating emotional releases within.  In addition, specific points on the body are known to have specific effects on other areas of the body.  Neurovascular and neurolymphatic points are two prime examples of this.  Other points are believed to promote blood flow to different areas of the brain, strengthening the ability for “rational” thought and action in the face of stress.

Release TechniquesSound is nothing more than a frequency.  The proper frequency wave in a specific place can have a desired specific affect.  Typically this is to break up stagnant energy and enable energy to begin flowing again.  Different frequencies or combinations of frequencies are used depending on where it is being applied.

Release Techniques

Color is also a frequency.  It is used similarly to sound to disrupt stagnant energy and enable energy flow in certain locations.  Different colors are typically associated with different energetic structures, though exceptions and blending of colors are needed quite commonly.

Release Techniques

The palms of both hands are actually quite powerful in projecting energy.

Release TechniquesEssences, typically based on different flowers, contain different resonant frequency that can be used in the same way that color and sound are.  They are not prescribed or diagnosed, but are merely brought within proximity of the body to provide a specific frequency needed.

Release Techniques

The holographic nature of the body enables specific points to be rubbed and affect other areas on the body.  Reflexology when properly performed and needed by the body can have lasting effects in areas far removed from where rubbed.

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