Seems the thing fighting my healthy eating was actually…me?


Seems the thing fighting my healthy eating was actually…me?


I have a client that was significantly overweight thirty years ago. Starvation, brute force, pre-made structured meals, hypnosis – nothing seemed to help her be able to take off the weight. Ultimately, she had elective stomach bypass surgery to help her with it, and it did take off the weight. Unfortunately, it did not do anything to actually address the compulsions, energetic imbalances, and issues going on inside that lead her to become overweight. It simply prevented her from physically being able to act on them. I see this pattern often with my clients – typically involving addictions of one type or another (food, smoking, drugs, alcohol, caffeine, etc), but it also shows up with those that solve their issues through medication (insomnia, diabetes, cholesterol, anxiety, depression, etc). It changes the situation without helping the person actually change.

In her case, she found herself still only able to eat a very small amount, but always eating the wrong things. The little bit of what she could eat was constantly sweets of one type or another. She couldn’t walk by a candy jar without grabbing something, and would make excuses to ‘just happen to walk by it’. I asked her to finish the statement “If I no longer had sweets to eat, then…..”. Dead silence. Crickets in the background.

But her body said a whole lot right then. Chi energy flow in what is called the Law of 5 Elements flow was getting stuck trying to leave the Gall Bladder meridian and unable to move into the Stomach Meridian. This was manifesting in her life through issues of decisiveness.

In order to address that, her body wanted us to get involved with a story she was trapped in – a pattern she had built up unconsciously for some reason. Muscle monitoring revealed stress across 7 meridians, and broke the story down into parts she consciously discovered and unraveled about herself. Long story short, she often found herself in situations where she was not taking a stand when confronted with too much conflict. As a result she felt violated at a deep level. But she was deluding herself into think she was unable to handle her own emotions, and thus unable to protect herself in those situations. Once she realized the lie she was telling herself internally, it all began to shift. It was also interesting that her small intestine was taking a real hammering though all this. We spent a good amount of time and effort working on that.

Once we stabilized that, I asked her to go look at some candy which happened to be in the room. Her nucleus accumbens lit right up with a whole lot of stress. This led us to working with in interaction between the front cones of her heart and crown chakras. The heart chakra was bringing in a high level of criticalness with herself, and being reinforced by the crown chakra shoving judgments in to the mix.

Once all that was cleared up, she shared she felt no pull to the sweets. I got feedback from her weeks later and the lifelong pattern had been broken. Now she was beginning to give the body more healthy foods, enjoying the experience, and feeling better all around. Took her decades to get there, but now the internal wisdom and knowledge was present, and her body was living the healthy lifestyle by choice instead of force. I love congruency.


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