What is Energy Kinesiology?

Energy Kinesiology is an alternative health and wellness modality.  It can help with your physical, emotional, mental, relational, spiritual and any other concerns.  Energy Kinesiology accomplishes in hours what may otherwise take months, years, or even a lifetime.

What Can Energy Kinesiology Help?

Energy Kinesiology can help with just about any issue! Common issues many continue to suffer, rare issues most have never heard of, unique issues no one understands. Many clients share it helped even when they've "tried everything else" or been told "it will never change".

Why Work With Meridian180?

Our clients say it's because of our ability to "addresses the real issues, not symptoms”, extraordinary "bedside" manner, and proven track record.  All that comes from our extensive specialized training, experience, and natural talents.  It is also why we also instruct multiple modalities nationally.

Clients Say It Best

" I went because my left shoulder had been bothering me for a year.  My shoulder would grind and feel uncomfortable every time I lifted my arm.  After my Energy Kinesiology visit, I immediately had more movement, and my shoulder did not grind when I moved my arm side to side. The problem has been resolved from the inside. My shoulder has not bothered me since then. It has now been almost a year. "

" I have general moderate to severe discomfort all over my body, and trouble sleeping.  I now have much less discomfort and I am sleeping better.  I went from waking more than five times a night to only waking once. "

" I need my body to perform as the leader of aerobics fitness classes.  When dealing with heel discomfort for months, I was not able to give my students 100% effort and the problem was not resolved through any other attempted means until meeting with Doug.  The discomfort mostly dissipated by end of visit, continued to improve over following few days, completely gone within the week and has not returned to this day. "

" My goal was to work through grief/loss/feelings of being worthless, hopeless, defeated.  Within just a few days, I began to regain feelings of worth and value within myself and was able to begin healing and processing my grief and loss appropriately. Working with Doug has truly changed my life and changed the way that I not only see myself, but see how I am able to truly be myself and find my fit in the world. "

" I had trouble standing in front of a group (5+) of people without hyperventilating, sweating, shaky palms and voice and forgetfulness of what I want to say.  Over 30 years of dreading public speaking, now I'm able to comfortably stand in front of large groups, maintain clear thoughts.  I now have a surge of energy and excitement that I have the opportunity to speak in front of people, rather than hide away.  My session was a life changing experience. "

The Many Ways We Can Help


​We can help with an amazingly wide range of issues. If it’s bothering you now and you want help with it,
let’s get to work.

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If you are ready to optimize the essential foundations upon which a joyful, productive, meaningful life can be built, start here.

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Learning Enhancement

Learning should be natural, fun, easy, intuitive, automatic, and fulfilling.  If you are not quite there, now’s a good time to start.

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Primite Reflex Integration

We all can use a little help in life.  When it’s involving developmental milestones, the right touch can change your life.

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Our Thanks To You

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the clients we have worked with previously, and those who are currently considering working with us.  Thank you for trusting us with your issue and needs, and allowing us to assist you in addressing them.  We pledge to do our best at all times to help you in this, and will always put your best interest first.

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