Why Work With Meridian180?

We've asked out clients "Why would people want to work with Meridian180?"

The gist of their answers are below, but if you want it in their words, check out our Testimonials.

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"Best Trained Anywhere"

We have 2500 hours of specialized training in the best Energy Kinesiology modalities out there.  We've specifically selected the modalities we use because they fit so well together.

"So Good He Instructs Others Nationally"

We've worked long and hard to develop mastery sufficient to instruct other practitioners in not just one, but three modalities at the national level.  In fact, Doug is the only individual in the world qualified to teach all three!

"Great at Listening"

We prefer to let you talk, and just listen to what you say, and see how your body responds.  Our role is not to tell you what you need to do.

"Proven Track Record"

With all our training, experience, and client feedback, it's pretty clear this is the real deal.

"Available From Anywhere"

We prefer working in person with our clients, but we also work remotely so we can support you no matter where you live.  Or if you are housebound, hospitalized, or a squirmy 3 yr old.

"Strong, Safe, Non-Judgmental Space"

People have shared very personal things with us.  We're used to it, and understand you are here because you want to change and break the pattern you previously learned.

"Can Help With Practically Anything"

Energy Kinesiology can be used to help just about any issue - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational, etc.  If you can think it up, we can most likely help with it.

"Phenominal 'Bedside' Manner"

This is a team effort.  We treat you like we want to be treated.  Together, we can do some pretty amazing things.

"Addresses The Real Issues, Not Symptoms"

Clients love that they can come to us with a list of concerns, and then the body immediately zeros in on what we need to work with.  Instead of chasing the wrong thing, we focus on the right things.  It's one of the secrets to our success.

"He Keeps Pulling Miracles Out Of His Pocket"

OK.  So we really don't have miracles in our pockets.  But our clients feel like that when issues they have been fighting with their whole life change almost immediately.  Or when they've been told by others things will never change.

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