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This program is perfect for the client who is interested in a more long-term holistic approach to their well-being.  It is designed to provide a balanced and stable foundation to your proper functioning and well-being by addressing key components in your life.  Each of these areas is the focus for a full session, in which the primary stresses and energetic compensations in it are addressed.

The program consists of the following sessions:


Session 1: Water and Hydration

Proper hydration is essential for the human body, both on the physical and energetic level.  Primary emphasis is placed on the brain and major organs of the body.


Session 2: Trauma Balancing

Certain events we have experienced can be considered “traumas” from our body’s perspective, and can have a huge impact throughout our entire life.  We may be very aware of some of these events, or we may not remember them or even recognize that to our body they were traumatic.  Many of them may have established deeply held ‘programs’ that run inside of us, influencing major aspects of our lives without us even realizing it.  But in all cases, releasing stress associated with these traumas can positively impact us in many ways.  This session focuses on releasing those trauma stresses your body indicates are most important.

Session 3: Whole Body Balancing

Balancing the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) has a profound effect on the body, as it can quickly address many whole-level body imbalances.  Additionally, balancing specific individual muscles allows the energetic systems of the body to be balanced in relationship to each other.


Session 4: Minerals and Toxins

Energetically balancing the minerals in the body is essential as they are involved in so many essential functions.  Energetically balancing the body with respect to toxins is equally important.

" I have general moderate to severe discomfort all over my body, and trouble sleeping.  I now have much less discomfort and I am sleeping better.  I went from waking more than five times a night to only waking once. "

" I had been using sleep aids to sleep for more than 15 years.  If I did not use them I would wake after approximately 4 hours and not be able to return to sleep.  Thus causing migraine headaches and being exhausted.  I really felt relaxed after the session but no real difference.  I went to bed that night without taking any sleep aid.   I was stunned when I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7 am. "

" Doug,   I had to contact you, for an amazing result!  Last night I did not have to get up one time to urinate.  I know that’s not a revelation for a young guy like you.  But this has not happened for me in so many years I can’t remember when?  Usually I get up at least 3 times.   Awesome !! "

Session 5: Sleep

The focus of this session is to help insure proper uninterrupted and deep sleep.  This is essential to a healthy body.


Session 6: Digestion

Effective digestion and nutrient absorption are key to having sufficient energy and nutrition to function properly.  The purpose of this session is to address the major stresses present in the digestive system that may be blocking that.


Sessions 7-8: Known Traumas

This session (or sessions) is very similar to Session 2 Trauma Balancing, except it focuses on releasing stresses from known traumas peculiar to your life that you choose to address.  Examples might include a romantic heartbreak, life-threatening illness or death of someone close, life-threatening accident, sickness, abuse, major failure, bullying, witnessing something awful, etc.


Additional Sessions (optional): Your Remaining Issues

Whatever remaining specific issues that are important to you.  See the Specific Issues page for more info regarding these.

The above is a template to be customized for each individual.  You might find that you need less time in a specific area or more depending on your particular needs and stresses.  We will work with you to identify and discus your specific needs through the program.


Our Expectations

Meridian180 expects that after each session you will experience significant and permanent energetic changes.  In most cases, the body then initiates some serious self-healing, and most people see their lives change quickly.  That’s our belief, based on all the previous work we’ve done with clients, and we hold to it until you prove it otherwise.

However…we don’t guarantee results.  We won't promise you any results or outcome about what will happen if we work together.  Because we are all unique, ten people can have the same situation (be it head discomfort, long-term sadness, blood sugar issues, fears, sleep disruptions, body discomfort, desire to eat dirt, inability to emotionally open up, etc) for completely different reasons.  For some people, they find their body self- initiates change in their lives after one session; others find they need to work longer and harder for one of many possible reasons.  It is not possible to "predict" how many sessions are needed.  But most people feel steps along that path after every session.


More Info

For information on costs and schedule availability, please see the Session Times and Cost page.

For new client forms and information, please see the Your First Visit page.

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