I’d like to enjoy sweets instead of gorge myself on them

I’d like to enjoy sweets instead of gorge myself on them


Another client wanting help with her sweets addiction.  Excellent exercise patterns, good nutritious meals, veggies and fruits, the right quantities, but …chocolate, oh sweet chocolate.  Let me count the ways I can shove it in my mouth.

She didn’t want to cut it out of her life all together, which is great.   She just wanted instead to be able to enjoy 1-2 chocolate kisses a day and feel satiated.

This session can be described in just a few words, but took a long time to do as we accessed some very deep seated and complex stresses.  Initially, her body started out by showing stress with her pineal gland, specifically how it interacts with her emotions and peripheral nervous system.  Then we moved into some complications with the kidney meridian that needed to be addressed.  And finally, we ended up working with what is called “the Bonding reflex”.  This reflex should create a feeling of integration of the body as one unit.  It results in feeling comfort, harmony, of having unity in feeling, thinking and doing.  Of safety, acceptance of self and others, and being protected and taken care of.  When the reflex is carrying stress, a person can experience isolation, emotional fragility, and develop negative protection and compensations when under stress (like snarfing up copious quantities of chocolate).  That’s when I found out mom was not in a good place and not emotionally present when she was born.

I’d like to enjoy sweets instead of gorge myself on them

We spent a lot of time working that reflex.

And now, 1-2 chocolate kisses is a nice little treat every so often.


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