I want to prepare for COVID-19

I want to prepare for COVID-19

Today’s blog highlights an interesting twist.

I had a client come in who said she wanted to have her immune system strengthened.  She was worried about COVID-19 and wanted to be able to prepare herself for likely exposure, so that she had the best odds of being able to avoid it.  Makes sense to me, right?

I have lots of training and specialized materials for the immune system.  I grabbed a bunch of it off the shelf, and started wondering what we were going to be working on.  Was it going to be generic high level work supporting her spleen, bone marrow, or thymus?   Were we going to get down in the nitty gritty of the Adaptive Immune System like cytokines, Naïve B-cells, Immunoglobulin chains, B-memory cells, Inactivated or activated T helper cells?

Maybe it was going to involve the more nonspecific Immune aspects of the body like her ability to regulate body temperature, or the gastric acid in her stomach, or Interferon, or her sebaceous glands, or the skin itself.

Or perhaps looking more fully at the various compliment pathways – classical, alternative, or lectin – that the body uses to augment the Adaptive Immune System itself.

Or maybe her tonsils, lymph nodes, or mucosa associated lymphoid tissue (MALT).

What was her weak link?  Where did she need shoring to protect her?  (In my head, I’m hearing all this in Ralphie’s voice from “The Christmas Story” as he fantasizes about his secret decoder ring.)

Answer:  None of it.

Had absolutely nothing to do with the physical stuff of the immune system or anything directly related with it.

Huh.  Wasn’t expecting that.

It had to do with her psyche, and the connection between her spirit and mind.  We spent almost the entire session clearing some monster-sized stresses at that interface, and when done, we had one stress show up involving her Reticular Activating System (RAS).  The RAS acts kind of like a gatekeeper from your brain stem to your consciousness, making sure you are not overwhelmed with all kinds of things you do not need to be aware of.

Moral of the story:  Sometimes the best thing you can do to help prepare your immune system, has nothing to do with your actual immune system.  This is why I love Energy Kinesiology.

Having said that - I am going to be getting some advanced specialized training in a week in how to directly deal with SARS-CoV-2 (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2) which causes the disease COVID-19 in humans.  This is the 7th known Coronavirus to be able to infect humans, and is 100 times more infectious than other strains of Coronavirus due to the way it enters the human cells.  SARS-CoV-2 activates a human endopeptidase to enable the virus to fuse with the human cellular membrane to enter the cell. This method of cellular entry is also used by HIV and Ebola virus. It also enters cells by the traditional method of other coronaviruses using the AGE2 receptor.  We will also be addressing how to help the respiratory system, and heart and kidneys, which can be significantly affect as well.


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