Energy Kinesiology Training on Alzheimer’s Disease

Energy Kinesiology Training on Alzheimer's Disease


Today’s advanced Energy Kinesiology training has to do with Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work with reversing Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).  His view is that what we call AD is the result of 6 possible metabolic syndromes.  Their experience has been that many with AD have been able to recover from it.  My training was on the kinesioloigcal support of the physiology of what’s involved in these 6 scenarios. Each scenario has been broken down to understand the

  • Inflammation, including immune system, hormones, and primary genetic components involved
  • Hippocampus functionality, including neurotransmitters and theta waves
  • Genetics including APOE-4, which is a variant that increases your likelihood 11x
  • Blood sugar and pancreatic involvement
  • Detoxification pathways required to address toxicity
  • Amyloid plaque formation
  • Memory loss

Most importantly, because energetic kinesiology formats now exist for all of the above, in-depth de-stressing can take place.  I can’t wait to get to work with this material.  If there is anyone out there currently working with Dr. Bredesen or those trained by him, I would love to connect.

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