Stupid peppers keep giving me headaches

Stupid peppers keep giving me headaches

Today's blog has to do with a client who had food sensitivity issues – specifically peppers.  All types:  red, yellow, green, spicy ones like habaneros, etc.  Every time she ate these she would have surging headaches that night wake her up from sleeping.  Often they would then progress to migraines.  She also was tired of not being able to eat peppers because she likes them.

I had her bring a couple of peppers with her.  Simply putting them next to her body resulted in her muscles showing stress.  We captured her body’s response to this.  Then I used formatting to see if her body has a particular area it wanted to focus on trying to help.  In this case, her body said yes – and it was loose connective tissue.

Part of the reason why I am writing about this particular session is because it makes no logical sense.  I have learned through experience that sometimes the things we are bothered by (in her case – body sensitivity to peppers) is often merely an innocent bystander from a bunch of other stuff taking place inside the body.

So we went to town systematically de-stressing different things that were contributing to this.

First stress that showed up had to do with her innate coping ability.  After that we found some significant stresses involving pinoline, which her body had tried to compensate for using her spleen meridian.  While we straightened this out, her stomach and intestines gave off some monster rumbling (technical term is "borborygmi" in case you play Scrabble).

Then some vestibular stresses showed up, followed by some stresses pertaining to her relationship with deity.  And then finally some stomach-related biochemical stresses (yay - something that finally  makes sense!).  Followed up with some foetal reflexes (and not so much again).

At which point, her body indicated through muscle monitoring there was no stress when we brought the pepper next to her, and specifically checked to the loose connective tissue formats.

And the next time I saw her she shared a few things happened after our session:

  • She no longer had headaches or was woken up when she ate peppers.
  • She self-muscle monitors her nutritional supplemental needs, and shared it indicated that her body no needed to take supplemental calcium, magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B Complex, or digestive enzymes.
  • She’s happily eating peppers!

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