Hmmm….90% reduction in my hot flashes for an hour and a half of my time? Deal!

Today’s blog has to do with a 52-year old female client who has been battling 15-20 hot flashes a day.  It’d been messing her sleep up for a long while now and driving her nuts.  Her goal was to get rid of the hot flashes, and to be able to get quality sleep every night instead of being woken up constantly and feeling wiped out each day.

First thing I found fascinating was that formatting for stress in hormone pathways showed no stress whatsoever.  On closer look – not the case.  Her body had done a tremendously fine job of compensating the gallbladder, spleen, and liver meridians to hide it.  Once we worked our way through the patchworking, suddenly all the hormonal stresses started showing up.

Formatting did in fact clarify it was reproductive system related, but it could still go in at least four different directions depending on how she wanted to approach it:

·         Typical female-related  hormone pathways

·         Pregnancy-related hormone pathways

·         Menopausal-related hormone pathways

·         Direct focus on one (or maybe two) key hormones of interest instead of the above more complex relationships

Her body choose the menopausal pathways, so we go to work.  Through formatting, we started addressing stresses with the Adrenal Cortex Zona Reticulata (part of your adrenals where a lot of these hormones get made).  Initially not too much showed up, but through experience I could tell there was more there.  Some chakra work was necessary to address some incongruences, and then we were able to get into some prefrontal cortex (part of your brain where you analyze, make decisions, and have more complex thoughts) stresses.

Not a whole lot stress-wise attached to cholesterol (building block for all the following stuff) or Pregenelone.

Pregenelone Sulfate is where everything started getting intense.  Interestingly (and not clear why to me) there were some large stresses involving her primitive reflexes attached to it.  She cyclically experienced some large pulses of energy moving as well addressed it.  Those stresses linked to stresses involving her ability to integrate sensory information.  Her body went into a defensive state before we could go farther, so I spent a bit of time supporting that and calming things down.  During this, she actually started having a hot flash.  We were able to next get into stresses across her entire nervous system, and oddly the sense of taste.  And then hot flash was gone, shorter than what the norm was.  By then we were out of time, but it was clear there was more stress within the pathway.

Eleven days went by, and she came back in for another session.  Hot flashes seemed to have cut back by about 90%, but oddly, sleep was still crummy.  This time, the body wanted to go directly after a single hormone called DHEA Sulfate.  We spent our whole 1.5 hours on that.  The main focuses showing up were around lots of stress involving Neurotransmitters and Neuropeptides and their interaction with the blood brain barrier – specifically the plasma membrane and pH type stuff.

I will be excited to see what she shares when I see her next, but so far she’s on cloud 9 because of the change in hot flashes.

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