Low levels of iron in blood, and fatigue

This post actually spans 2 sessions with a client because of how much needed to be done.  Client showed up with blood work showing excessively low levels of iron in her blood.  She had worked with other professionals trying to address this (diet, supplements, etc) but not had much change.  She has also been plagued with low energy levels, always fighting fatigue and knowing she should have higher levels of energy.

I started by seeing if stress showed at a high level with many of the common entry points into this work (individual meridians, Law of 5 Element meridian movements, chakras, hormones, emotions through a bunch of different entry points, brain neurology, sabotaging, etc) but none showed. She was showing she needed a specific pathway entry point, but nothing was showing.  Her body was not in a defensive state, was still willing to work, and did not need support to safely move forward.  I took a closer look at her pathways involving iron absorption, and initially there appeared to be no stress.  On closer checking though, she had compensated her stomach meridian to try and make it ok.  This is kind of like using paint to cover mold on the wall ("Look!  It's pretty.  No problem here.")  Short term solution that let's you sell the house but long term there's gonna be a fallout.

Once that was addressed, there was a ton of stress that showed.  Her body specifically wanted to systematically clear out stresses related to the physiological process of absorbing dietary iron, so that was what we started doing.    By the end of the first session, we had not gotten very deep into the specific physiology of what was involved because there was so much to address at a high-level.  It did progress to to showing a major focal point being a specific part of the submucosa of the jejunum (part of your small intestine).

We had just started getting into the stresses relative to the absorptive cells of the small intestine, but we ran out of time.  Bummer.

At her next appointment (a week later) she told me she was feeling awesome.  She reported that her body, mind, and spirit all felt lighter and energized.  On a physical level, she estimated she had 50-75% more energy since walking out the door.

The second session, her body specifically wanted to focus on the process of actively absorbing iron into the cells lining the intestine.  She had *all* kinds of stress there, and complex layered compensation established trying to make it work.  As we were moving the energy, her body started dynamically building some new compensations because it was too hard on her spleen meridian.  That required us to back off and do some supporting work with that meridian (specifically Spleen 21 acupoint and its role in moving energy between the spleen meridian and the ether element).

Then we started getting into cellular physiology.  There was stress with DMT1 (a gene involved in iron transport from the intestinal lumen) and HCP1 (a heme transporter).  But the heavy stresses were found in Duodenal Cytochrome B, an enzyme involved in iron absorption in the intestine.  We had just started getting into dealing with Iron-Sulfur's involvement as a co-factor in the process when we ran out of time.

Can't wait to hear her feedback next week.

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