30 years of migraines and TMJ

Client had a history of intense migraines (9-15+ days per month) for the last 30 years.  Her jaw also 'catches' when opening and closing, and is always tight in movement.  She herself is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and has used massage and chiropractor over the last 30 years to help out.  It's been able to help out some, but never taken care of it.  She either endures through them, or pops some pretty heavy stuff to head them off when she feels them coming on.  We've had multiple sessions (maybe six?) before the below, and most of the migraines have disappeared. Jaw 'click' is still present though smother, but back-burned for now as it is a minor annoyance.  Her goal today was to finally put the migraines behind her and be done with it.  She actually showed up to the session with a migraine in development.

As we started, her body immediately went into a defensive state due to stress in what is called the 'Ministerial Fire' element.  This would be like saying to those familiar with Science Fiction, her space ship just dropped out of hyper drive into something dangerous, so she put up her shields.  Client bodies do this all the time.  It's a natural response when deeply-held stresses are being accessed.  What's important though is that they be handled differently then the spaceship analogy ("Fire torpedoes at will!").  The focus of Energy Kinesiology allows the work to shift to destressing why the client is in the defensive state instead.  This is critical because otherwise it would be a form of abuse to just plow forward, and it would actually deepen the issue in her.

Once done, the body calmed down and was ready to move on, and we discovered some issues with her Large Intestine meridian.  The easiest way to describe what was happening was  that the meridian was unable to do its job correctly, and so a different meridian was having to carry the slack.  Energetically speaking, the body is very pragmatic in that the job needs to get done, and something will step up and take care of it.  Unfortunately, it comes at a cost elsewhere.

About this time, the client starting having a mental image of what she described as 'her Protector'.  He looked like a little kid dressed in too large of an overcoat and spotting a huge fedora.  Energetic patterns that showed up then presented the concept of 'the idea becoming larger than the goal'.  The client was able to connect with this in ways I will not share, and could see how that pattern had played out throughout her life.

While the client talked with 'her Protector' about that, it also revealed through muscle monitoring hydration level stresses generally throughout her body. Then it got more specific into hydration level stresses within the thyroid at the glandular level.  I focused on these, while she had conversations with 'her Protector'.  She shared the impact he was having on her, but was not willing to budge in how he was doing things.  She offered the idea of working collaboratively with her, instead of against her, but he felt like it was manipulation, and he wasn't having any of it.

From there, we moved into accessing stresses within the Diagonal band of Broca.  This part of the brain is heavily involved in emotional processing, memory, confusion, and clarity.  Her body revealed disrupted energetic flow involving what are called 'post-natal essences', and their inability to act.  Almost like they were self-restraining from fear.  This seemed to be having an impact on the bone-aspect of her occipital cranials.  As I took care of all that, I suggested seeing if he was more open to the idea of teaming up on what he was trying to accomplish so they could overcome it together, and then having "leveled up" they could move on together to the next need.  He was warmer to that idea, and began to open up to her.

The client shared with me after a week the migraine lasted a couple of days, then broke, and she has been fine since.








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