Inability to walk without thinking about it really really hard

This write-up also covers 2 sessions.  A new client showed up.  She had quite the sizable list of issues she was dealing with - the top 2 being her difficulties in waking and her challenges with diverticulitis.  Her body wanted to focus initially on the walking and she was fine with that.  She described it that for most of her life (she is elderly by the way) walking was hard.  She has to intently focus on being able to walk, can not go in a straight line at all, usually needs to touch something, and "stomps" instead of walking.  Picture more of a marching movement than a heel-to-toe step when walking.  Her leg might also stop mid stride on its own, and she often got dizzy.  Medical, chiropractic, and massage had never significantly helped.

I captured all the stress from her describing this, but also wanted her to actually walk as i would be able to capture significantly more info from her body.  So she got up and walked.  The easiest way to describe what I did was to record her body's experience of that, and captured all of the stresses it presented as she moved.

Her body presented a strong collections of stresses that did not surprise me at all: primitive reflexes, detailed proprioceptive (how your brain knows where you body is and what it is doing) stresses , balance related stresses, Pons (part of your brain involved in all this stuff) stresses, and specifically the Vestibular Nucleus (super-specific part of the brain).

During all this, she could feel some pretty amazing sensations in her body.  When she got up off the table and tried walking, everything felt different, but the most immediate change was she no longer stomped.  Her walking was now a normal looking smooth heel-to-toe roll.  It was enjoyable watching her race around the room testing this.

At her second appointment a week later, her body specifically did not want to work on walking anymore.  It wanted the context established on the digestive difficulties.  We did that, but I was surprised her body wanted nothing to do with things that I would typically work with for this situation.  Instead, it jumped right back to working with walking/movement/body orientation type stresses, and at a more hardcore way.  OK - this gets complex.

We defined the collective interaction of her postural control neurology, ability to dynamically maintain balance and the neurology involved with that, somatic nervous system (voluntary muscle movement) and its neural development, and the interaction between her vestibular, proprioceptive, visual, and cloacal (this one is complicated - ask me in person) systems.

Then we started systematically de-stressing all those things that were destabilizing it.  A lot showed up.

When she got up off the table, she said she felt "really weird, and not in a bad way".  She wandered around for a bit like a drunken sailor, but then things started to click and her movements smoothed out.  Can't wait to see what happens next week.






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