All items from a smoke free/pet free homes, and in good to very good condition, except as noted.  Feel free to ask me anything about the books or our experience using them!  You can also come see them in person to be sure our definitions of “good” are the same and to check out some other books and one-off items I have to sell.  Contact me to set up a time.

Doug Akerman

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English, Literature, Writing, Speaking

First Language Lessons, level 1 – $5
First Language Lessons, level 2 – $5
First Language Lessons, levels 1-2 audio CD – $3  (or free if you buy both level 1 and 2 books)
First Language Lessons, level 3 – $10
First Language Lessons, level 4 – $10
Writing with Ease – $10
Daily Writing Tips, volume 1, softcopy with hardcopy spiral bound printout – $5

WorldBuild the Game – $3
Listen!Hear! Developing Listening Skills -$2
Hot Fudge Monday – $5






Zaner-Bloser Spelling, grade 3 (hardcover) – $10
Zaner-Bloser Spelling, grade 4 (hardcover) – $10
Zaner-Bloser Spelling, grade 6 (hardcover) – $10

Spelling Made Easy: The Homonym Way to Better Spelling – $8 (spine cut off and hole punched for binder)





Singapore Math, standards ed. Bundles include textbook, instructor’s guide and tests (you will still need to buy a workbook)

1B bundle – $25 (also includes a mostly unused workbook)
Extra Practice 1 –  $5

3A bundle –  $20
3B textbook (has scribbles on title page& pp. 11, 18, 19 otherwise in good condition) –  $3

5A bundle – $20

5B bundle – $20

Extra Practice 5 –  $5




Cartoon Guide to Genetics  $5

RS4K bundles include teacher’s guide, lab book, and textbook
Real Science for Kids, Chemistry (hardcover textbook) – $20
Real Science for Kids, Physics (hardcover textbook, lab book hole-punched and spine removed) – $20





Hot Dots  $5

Trail Guide to World Geography + student notebook pages CD (multi-leveled curriculum spanning 3-12 grade) – $20

Trail Guide to US Geography (multi-leveled curriculum spanning 3-12 grade) – $ 8

Ohio State History from a Christian Perspective (  

Master Lesson Plan Book (can be used with any state, grades 3-12) – $5
Ohio State History Student Book (3 like new copies) – $5 each
My State History Fun Book w/ Ohio Activity Pages (first few pages used, ages 3-10) – $1 each




Physical Education

Homeschool Family Fitness – $5
Homeschool Phys. Ed. Game Book – $5






How to Get You Child odd the Refrigerator and on to Learning – $4

The Big “What Now?” Book of Learning Styles, by Carol Barnier – $4

Homeschooling and Loving It! by Rebecca Kochenderfer – $3

Autism book – $2

Reconnected Kids – $2

Disconnected Kids Nutrition Plan – $2

The Classroom Beekeeping questions and answers $2

Disconnected Kids – $2



Yacker Tracker  $50

To provide a visual signal of too much noise for children and students of all age levels. Intended for adult use in K-12 grades.  The Yacker Tracker® appears to be a traffic signal, but actually signals too much noise. Select the appropriate sound level for any given situation and let the Yacker Tracker® be an audio-visual reminder when the noise level gets too high.

Info from vendor is here









  • Getting Started with Latin, by William Linney (I have 2 copies both with cover wear) – $5 each
  • Latin for Children, primer A set (2 student workbooks with ~7 pages used, set of 3 DVDs/2 CDs, Answer Key, and Latin History Reader for Primer A) – $40






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