What Do We Do?

We help you and your family figure out how to optimize your physical health, emotional well-being, mental health, relationships, nutrition, exercise, and life planning needs. We don't offer generic solutions - instead, we work with you to understand your unique circumstances and goals, so we can help you craft a plan that works for you.  How do we do that?  Read on…


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Decide you want help, and act on it


Decide you want help, and act on it.

The ball starts in your court.  Use our “Contact us” page to let us know you want help.  Then download some forms and fill them out.  We respect your privacy, so all forms are anonymous, and you can choose to include as little or as much information as you're comfortable with.

The Phone Call ( 5 minutes)

Once we have received your form, one of our coalition members will contact you to review this process and schedule an in home visit with you and your family.  If you are not comfortable meeting in your home, we can meet elsewhere.   Make sure to have your anonymous paperwork filled out before out appointment, which we will RSVP 24 hours before we meet.

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The Meet-n-Greet (30 minutes)

One or two of our coalition members will come visit with you.  We will introduce ourself and our group to you, and we want to meet you and learn about your family.  We want to understand your goals, look over your paperwork, ask questions, and look at your kitchen and pantry if you are OK with it.  All of these things help us understand where you are coming from, what you want, what you are working with, and will allow us to help you craft a plan to get you there.

The Plan (30 minutes)

The same two people will come back out to your home again.  This time though we will be armed with information and an action plan that can help you understand how to move forward.  We will provide prioritized suggestions of what to focus on for the family as a whole, and per person.  Information will be grouped into 3 sections

red – essential stuff to do now

yellow – items to attend to soon as trying to change everything at one can be counterproductive

green – items to consider it for the future.

Our plan may include recommendations for services you may already have access to, as well as others that may be new to you. We'll also provide you with relevant information and handouts, along with supporting web resources, to help you take charge of your health and wellness.

There may be services within our collation that can be provided.  We may leave information with you relevant to those services, but we are not going to try and sell you anything.  In fact, if you want more information on that, we will guide you to follow up with those services privately outside our meeting.

We will leave contact information for our coalition.  You are welcome to contact us in the future if they have situations come up and are looking for opinions, feedback, direction.  We are happy to be your sounding board to get you going in the correct direction.

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The Follow-Up (10 minutes)

Our service doesn't end there. We'll follow up with you to check on your progress, celebrate your successes, and help you overcome any obstacles that may have popped up.

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